Single Close All In Construction Loans Save Time and Money and Effort


Construction Loans Are a Specialized Field, Work with an Expert Consultant!

  • Construction to permanent Loans Up to $3,000,000

  • .
  • Stated Income Loan Programs for Those who can not document their income.

  • Stated Income Program will not make sense? then use a No Income Qualifier Program.

  • Up to 95% of the Future Value and 95% of total construction cost.

  • Lock Your Your Permanent Mortgage Loan's Rate Now, or use a lower construction loan period rate and lock one project is completed.

  • Make no payments during construction, instead drawing on your interest reserve account.

  • Peace of Mind and Safety of a built in Contingency Reserve.

  • Ground Up Construction or a complete remodel of an existing home or purchase transaction, Whichever you choose to do.


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    How long will it take for the borrower to receive the funds after the Draw Request has been made?

       Deposits and soft cost expensed can be funded within 48 hours of receiving a paid receipt or invoice.  For hard cost expenses, the disbursement will be released after we have received an inspection report performed by our local inspector and update from the title company indicating the title to the property is free and clear of any liens.


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