Get a Single Close Construction Loan and Save


Work With an Expert Construction Loan Officer!

  • Loans Up to $3,000,000

  • for Single Family Residences and Two Units.
  • Stated Income and No Income Documentation Loans Available as well as fully documented loans to fit all needs.

  • No need to sell your existing home until construction is over. instead use your interest reserve account to make payments on the construction Loan.

  • Up to 95% LTV and 95% Total Cost, construction Loans to fit your your individual needs.

  • Lock Your Your Permanent Mortgage Loan's Rate Now, for Maximum Peace of mind.

  • No Prepayment Penalty Loan Programs and locks of various periods available.

  • Ground Up Construction, Modular Homes or remodeling loan programs.


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    How many inspections are allowed and what is the cost?

    We allow the borrower to request one draw per month.  The administration Fee that was paid when the loan closed covers the inspection costs.


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