Single Close Construction Loans; For Major Remodels and Ground Up Construction Projects


Construction Loans Are a Specialized Field, Work with an Expert Construction Loan Lender!


  Loans Up to a generous maximum loan amount of $3,000,000.

  Stated Income Programs are Available for those who can not Document income.

  No Income qualifying construction loans for those who have an independent source of income other a job which may not yield a high enough income.

  An Interest reserve account, that will make the payments on the construction loan during the course of construction.

  A contingency reserve account that will cover the projects expenses in case of cost overruns.

  Finance up to 95% of the future value of the home and 95% of the total costs of construction including soft cost, hard costs finance charges, closing fees and inspection fees.

  Lock Your Permanent Mortgage Loan's Rate Now or float it until project is complete, whichever you prefer.

  Loan to Value and Loan to Cost allowing, get reimbursed for out of pocket soft cost expenses of your construction project.

  No Prepayment Penalty Loan Programs, and a choice of fixed rate, adjustable or short term fixed programs.

  Can not get your project to permit stage but need to close on the land purchase? No problem, use our lot loan program to close the transaction and then refinance using out construction loan.

  Purchase an existing fixer upper and finance the total cost of re construction with a single loan.

  Purchase the lot and finance the soft and hard construction costs all wrapped in one loan.

A Construction Loan Specialist Will Help You Get Started and Choose The Best Program For You!

What is the construction loan interest Reserve?
   The borrower will accrue interest as funds are disbursed on the loan and it will require a monthly payment to satisfy this accrual.  Because the borrower may be currently paying a mortgage, some loans are set up with an interest, reserve.  The interest payments for the loan are debited from the interest reserve line item.  There are generally enough funds in an Interest Reserve Account to cover all of the Interest payments that may be due during the construction term...



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