Single Close Construction Loans;


Work with an Expert Construction Loan Lender! For your stick built ground up, modular home ground up or major remodel residential construction project...


  Custom Home Construction Loans, Up to $3,000,000.

  Common sense underwriting stated income loans .

  No Income qualifying construction loans for those who have low income employment but independent means.

  Payments funded through a convenient interest reserve account makes it possible to qualify based on the construction loan only.

  Up front deposits for kit homes or modular construction accommodated.

  up to 95% of the future LTV and 95% of the total costs of construction..

  Lock Your Permanent Mortgage Loan's Rate Now or float it until project is complete, and save during construction.

  Loan to Value and Loan to Cost allowing, get reimbursed for out of pocket soft cost and initial hard cost expenses of your home construction project.

  Choose a construction loan program with a prepayment penalty or without, whichever you are more comfortable with.

  Use a lot loan program to close the lot purchase if you are not ready to build.

  Buy the smallest house in the neighborhood and build a larger house of you liking.

  But a fixer upper and build your dream home.

Choose The Best Program For You!

What does the borrower do if an extension of the construction loan term is needed?
   Loans that go beyond the required completion date are technically in default pursuant to the Construction Loan Agreement.  If the loan has gone beyond this required completion date, all loan draws are on hold until an extension is granted.  The borrower needs to contact the CTP Customer Service Team 30 days prior to the required completion date if the construction is not at least 90% complete.




Construction Loans

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