Construction Loans for Custom Residential Properties

Work with a Specialist to realize the building of your dream home!


Wrap The Purchase and Construction Into One Loan and Save on Closing Costs


  • Loans Up to $3,000,000

  • for custom residential properties.
  • Fully document your income or use a stated income construction loan.

  • Build the dream home you want to live in or profit from a speculative construction project.

  • We can make construction loans for up to 95% of the future value and 95% of LTC.

  • Use this flexible loan to buy the undervalued fixer upper and fund the complete remodel.

  • No Prepayment Penalty Loan Programs.

  • Ground Up Construction, remodeling project or Modular Homes, you choose.


    Get Started Now!
    Pick a lender and start working with a construction loan specialist!

     What are soft costs of construction?

    Soft costs are indirect or "off-site" costs not directly related to labor or materials for construction.  Examples of soft costs include building permits and architectural fees.  Soft costs are disbursed monthly on an "as needed" basis, with invoices, receipts, cancelled checks or other evidence of payment....




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